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Maria Sharapova is going for that other kind of Grand Slam

Maria Sharapova completed a career Grand Slam in her sport this June when she won the French Open. Now that she's reached the pinnacle of tennis, what's next? Judging from this photo, it looks like she might be moving to another ball-hitting sport.

Shooting a commercial for the Head racquet company on Tuesday, Sharapova took the field at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla., the Orioles' Spring Training home. As you can see in the photo she posted on her Facebook profile, she shortens the long-armed swing coming out of her 6-foot-2 frame by choking up. And if you're wondering about her choice of batter's box, keep in mind a two-handed backhand for a righty tennis player is a lot like a lefty baseball swing.

-- Dan Wohl /