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Mariners and Cubs turn back the clock 104 years at Safeco

Saturday was "Turn Back the Clock" at Safeco Field, and the whole game was played with a 1900s flair. The Cubs and Mariners each wore super-throwback uniforms, fans dressed up in period attire and even the Mariners twitter feed got in on the action.

The home team rocked these basic-but-timeless jerseys and caps, honoring the old Seattle Turks -- a Minor League team based in the northwest in the early 1900s.


Meanwhile, the Cubs showed off their historic pinstripes and logos:


Before the game began, the national anthem singer warmed up while looking very classy:

Yeah, okay -- maybe they didn't have Gatorade back at the turn of the century, but this is still super cool. Check out those socks:



Even the ballpark crew and announcers joined in on the spirited proceedings:


A very important visitor made an appearance:

President Taft threw out the first pitch and took a seat in full view of the stadium:

These two fellows were mighty impressed by the highest office in the land:


Some apparent sorcery afoot caused quite the commotion:

But they quickly got the game back underway:


Ultimately, it was the visiting Cubs who proved victorious, but the Mariners seemed to take it in stride:

-- Dakota Gardner /

(Game action photo courtesy AP, all others are from Ryan Hueter and Connor Hutyler / Real-Time Correspondents)