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NCAA president Mark Emmert bashes minor league sports, Lake County Captains strike back

The Lake County Captains will hold a 'Mark Emmert Appreciation Day'

Former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon is currently leading a lawsuit against the NCAA which aims to end the collegiate sports organization's rules against its athletes being paid for the use of their names, images or likenesses. The trial kicked off on June 9th, and last week, NCAA president Mark Emmert defended his organization's actions by taking a shot at minor league sports:

"To convert college sports into professional sports would be tantamount to converting it into minor league sports," Emmert said, according to the Associated Press. "And we know that in the U.S. minor league sports aren't very successful either for fan support or for the fan experience."

Well, the Lake County Captains, an Indians Class-A affiliate in the Midwest League (a league that has seen an uptick in attendance over the last few years), have responded in the most Minor League Baseball way possible: The team will hold a "Mark Emmert Appreciation Night" on July 2. A couple of the details include an All-You-Can-Eat wristband for four lucky college students and the opportunity for fans to move to a different seat (pending a one-inning waiting period) if they so choose. Also, participants in any in-game promotions will not receive a prize, but instead feel the great satisfaction of simply participating.

Check out the full story for more information. Hopefully Mark approves.

h/t Next Impulse Sports