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Mark Teixeira homers and celebrates a birthday all during Yankees' 19-inning game

Teixeira celebrates birthday with HR in 7-hr game

It sounds like a riddle, doesn't it: Who can age one year, but during only one game? Who is hitless on one day, but homers in the same? 

Turns out, the answer is Mark Teixeira. When the Red Sox and Yankees started playing in their first series of the year on Friday night, the Yankees first baseman was 34 years old. But thanks to Chase Headley's ninth inning home run to send the game into extra innings, by the time this one was over, Teixeira was another year older. 

Even better, he hit a home run just 55 minutes into his birthday. After David Ortiz put the Red Sox up 4-3 in the top of the 16th, Teixeira matched him in the bottom half to keep the game going:


Thanks to Teixeira's dinger, the two teams would continue playing deep into the night, with the Red Sox eventually winning 6-5 after 19 innings. Honestly, considering how long the two teams played, it's surprising that only one player celebrated a birthday during this one.

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