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Roster moves that were meant to be: Marlins promote Austin Nola to the 'Nola' Zephyrs

Marlins promote Austin Nola to the 'Nola' Zephyrs

On Sunday, the Marlins promoted shortstop Austin Nola to the Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs as part of the personnel shuffle following Giancarlo Stanton's trip to the disabled list. No big deal, right? Well, this is one of the jerseys Nola will be wearing as a Zephyr:


"Nola" on the front, "Nola" on the back. It's as if his name foretold his destiny. If you want to venture even further down this particular rabbit hole, here's reporting Nola's promotion to Nola.

And just imagine the call if Nola ever hits a home run out of the Zephyrs' ballpark: "Nola's Nola sends one way back, that one's headed all the way to the streets of Nola."

This is the most delightful player/team name alignment since  … well, Sunday, when Steven Matz started for the Mets.

Nola's probably used to the name overlap, though. Born in Baton Rouge, Nola stayed local and played shortstop for LSU for four years.

h/t Minor League Stories

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