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Marwin Gonzalez is the Van Halen of homers, in that all of his career homers are solos

Marwin Gonzalez has only hit solo home runs

It's hard to hit home runs. The fact that I have zero, despite wanting one really, really badly, is proof of that. 

However, I do have the same number of multi-run home runs as Astros utility player Marwin Gonzalez. That's right: Zero. 

It's an extremely odd run of luck. Gonzalez has gone deep 24 times in his four-year career, including hitting his 12th this year on Tuesday night -- none coming with runners on base:


Even stranger, Gonzalez may be even better with runners on base than with the bases empty this year. While his slugging percentage is obviously a little lower since he has none of those four-baggers, Gonzalez has a higher average (.282 to .267) and on-base percentage (.325 to .302) than he does with the bases empty. Sure, it's a small sample size, but you would think that one would have flown over the wall. 

Not that he hasn't come awfully, awfully close. After all, just look at Gonzalez's hit chart with runners on base -- there's a fair number of deep drives that just didn't have enough juice on them. 

In June, Seth Smith literally could not go any further to make the catch: 

On Sept. 7, Gonzalez hit a Statcast™-estimated 357-foot flyout to Coco Crisp in left field with a runner on second. While that very well may have been a home run to the Crawford Boxes in Houston, it was merely a long fly ball in Oakland. 

But his closest call is one that, when re-watching, boggles the mind. Gonzalez smashed a towering 390-foot fly ball just to the right of the Crawford boxes before bouncing high off the left-center field wall. A few feet higher, a few feet to the left, there's Gonzalez's first multi-run home run. 

One day Gonzalez will hit a home run that doesn't force him to trot around the bases all on his lonesome. And while it will be a great moment for the player and his team, it will mean one less bizarre coincidence in this world. And that is a little sad.

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