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Mastodon guitarist wins best dressed on the Grammys red carpet with Dodgers uniform

Mastodon wins Grammys red carpet with Dodgers uniform

On the Grammys pre-show red carpet, everyone gets asked the same question: "What are you wearing?"

There are a lot of answers of "Versace," maybe even a few of "Givenchy" thrown in for good measure. But everyone knows that only the most elegant, best-dressed nominees answer with "The Los Angeles Dodgers."

That is Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds looking most dapper in a No. 23 Dodgers jersey, and absolutely crushing it on the red carpet.

The heavy metal band may have lost the Grammy for Best Metal Performance (it went to Tenacious D), but they are the clear red carpet winners.

And if you're wondering if the admiration is a one-way road, here is an exclusive, definitely-not-photoshopped photograph of current No. 23 Adrian Gonzalez and teammate Justin Turner enjoying a Mastodon concert:


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