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Mattingly on Puig's collision: 'They checked the wall -- it's fine.'

Yasiel Puig has been absolutely monstrous so far in Los Angeles, but Thursday's game against the Phillies featured the first scare of his young MLB career when the outfielder ran into Dodger Stadium's outfield wall while unsuccessfully chasing a Chase Utley homer.

Puig's manager, Don Mattingly, was asked about whether everything was okay after the collision, and he had the best answer:

"Yeah, they checked the wall -- it's fine."

Awesome. Donny Baseball knows what's up. You people think something as silly as a wall could stop Yasiel Puig? The Yasiel Puig? You clearly haven't been paying attention to the Dodgers in June.


Puig could have run into the actual robots from Pacific Rim, and we'd be more worried about their well-being. 

Need more evidence that Puig's okay? Don't have to ask us twice:

-- Dakota Gardner /