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Max Scherzer was pitching ANOTHER no-hitter till the Phillies broadcasters intentionally jinxed him

Phillies broadcasters jinx Scherzer's perfect game

There's little doubt that Max Scherzer is the best pitcher on the planet right now. The Nationals ace was coming off a one-hit shutout on June 14, and a no-hitter -- and near perfect game -- on June 20,  when he took the hill to face the last-place Phillies on Friday night.

He needed just six pitches to get through a perfect first inning. Then he pitched a perfect second and third. Everyone in the building was thinking about the possibility of Scherzer matching the unmatchable feat of Johnny Vander Meer, the Reds pitcher who threw no-hitters in back-to-back starts in 1938.

Scherzer threw a perfect fourth and a perfect fifth. It was starting to look like he might actually do this thing. But, Phillies broadcasters Tom McCarthy and Matt Stairs were not about to sit idly by and allow the Phillies to become a negative footnote on Scherzer's historic night. In an effort to jinx the Nationals starter, McCarthy and Stairs switched chairs in the broadcast booth, thinking that their voodoo might put Scherzer on tilt. 


And wouldn't ya know:


The first batter to take a shot at Scherzer after McCarthy and Stairs revealed their master plan was shortstop Freddy Galvis, who proceded to drop a double into the right-field corner, busting up the perfect game and the no-no in one swing. Dom Brown later added an RBI double that cost Scherzer the shutout, too. But Mad Max had the last laugh as his Nats went on to win 5-2.

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