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McKayla Maroney impresses with acrobatic first pitch

Remember McKayla Maroney? She's the gymnast from the 2012 Olympics who gained as much fame from winning a gold medal and she did from her famed "McKayla is Not Impressed" face. Even President Obama got into the craze at the time.

Two years ago, during the height of Not Impressed-Mania, Maroney threw out a first pitch at Dodger Stadium with teammates Gabby Douglas and Kyla Ross. At the time, I wrote that "her pitching form may not have been awarded a 10.0 if there were judges scoring it." In short, I was not impressed. But Maroney is back in the ceremonial first pitch game, and her effort at U.S. Cellular Field was a lot more exciting:


Current state of McKayla Maroney's first pitch skills: Impressive.