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Meet Joey Gallo, the Rangers prospect who broke a windshield during Futures Game batting practice

You might not have heard of Joey Gallo yet, but you will. The top-slugging prospect in the Rangers system leads the Minor Leauges with 31 home runs in the first half.

The show started pre-game, when the 20-year-old Gallo put on an impressive performance during batting practice, leaving the stadium multiple times and damaging the windshield of a Chevy out in the parking lot. Yeah, really.


Then, Gallo showcased that power of his in-game, too, launching a sixth-inning homer to right field.


In addition to that big league power, Gallo demonstrated that he's got the goods in the showmanship department as well, breakin' off a little preview of his Major League-ready bat flip. Eat your heart out, Yasiel Puig.

In case you think this is something new, Gallo led all Minor League players with 40 homers in 2013 and hit a record 65 dingers as a Nevada high schooler. Yes, that's more than Bryce Harper.

UPDATE (7/14):

It sounds like Gallo may not have been unleashing his inner Puig, after all:

A likely story, Joey.