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Meet Marc Weiter: The 'Pyro Man' of Busch Stadium

Imagine your workspace is a 3-foot-by-5-foot blast shelter. It's an area located within mere feet of both high-powered pyrotechnics and some of Busch Stadium's loudest speakers. And you better not mind heights -- you're nearly 100 steps above the top section of the bleachers.

Welcome to Marc Weiter's world.

Weiter, a retired probation officer, is the primary fireworks technician at Busch Stadium. His job description is simple: Load and prepare fireworks before the game, then be prepared to shoot them from a switchboard within seconds of a Cardinals home run or victory. Weiter is positioned above the right-centerfield scoreboard, behind Busch's iconic neon Budweiser sign. Since he doesn't need to remain in his booth while the road team is batting, Weiter can occasionally be seen walking across the catwalk to load fireworks or stretch his legs.

Weiter dabbled in the pyro world in the late 1990's and eventually began working for his brother's company, Gateway Fireworks Displays. Since 2006, he's worked most of the regular season and postseason games at Busch Stadium. A witness to many of the stadium's biggest moments, Weiter said his favorite coordinated explosion took place just seconds after David Freese's home run to win Game 6 of the '11 World Series.

"I used all of my fireworks that I had loaded up," he said. "More than we usually use for a typical home run. After all, it was a big moment."

-- Gabriel Kiley

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