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Meet The Doorman, another Miller Park superfan

It may not be Jack Nicholson sitting courtside at the Staples Center, but Mark Simons, otherwise known as "The Doorman," may be the most notable "celebrity fan" at Miller Park. Sorry Front Row Amy ... and Front Row Andy.

Simons received his nickname because of his tendency to motion for opposing players to "take a seat" after they made an out. The superfan has been a season ticket holder since the days of County Stadium.

Simons and his wife, Stephanie Walters, attend about 40 games per year, and when they can't make it to Miller Park, friends and family are able to sit on the coveted throne. Simons has also auctioned off game tickets and donated the money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Over the years, "The Doorman" has developed connections with MLB personnel. Ted Barrett, the home-plate umpire at Sunday's Pirates-Brewers game, was in his wedding. Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, once a member of the Brewers' scouting department, was a big fan of "The Doorman" and sat with Simons for a few innings back in 2010.

-- Adam DeCock / Real-Time Correspondent

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