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Melky Cabrera wants to know what's inside the Green Monster just like you and me

Melky Cabrera peers inside the Green Monster

The Green Monster looms large at Fenway Park. It's one of the eight wonders of the modern baseball world (definitely a thing, don't look it up). And, like any monster worth its salt, it has an air of mystery about it. Even if we know what's inside it -- a lot of signatures, apparently -- we still can't help but want to look for ourselves.  

During a pitching change in the seventh inning of the White Sox 9-2 win over the Red Sox on Wednesday evening, Melky Cabrera took his chance. 

Melky stuck his head inside the scoreboard and got a good look-see.


What did he see in there? The All-Seeing Eye of Sauron? Whatever was in the briefcase from "Pulp Fiction?" Manny Ramirez?

Apparently, he was just looking to quench his thirst. 

"I didn't know that they were going to show that picture," Cabrera told's Scott Merkin after the game. "The people in the Green Monster was offering me water before. I went there to drink some water and they took the picture."

And, you know, after Cabrera's multi-hit game (his seventh in a row, matching the Sox current winning streak), finally looking inside an MLB landmark seems like a just reward. 


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