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To bat flip, or not to bat flip, that is the question ... that we asked the Mets and Royals

To bat flip or not to bat flip: Mets, Royals weigh in

"To bat flip, or not to bat flip?" That might be the most poignant existential question facing professional ballplayers in 2015. In the wake of Jose Bautista's bat flip heard 'round the world in the ALDS, caught up with members of the Mets and Royals at World Series Media Day and asked them just that.

Responses varied based on age team and position, but regardless of how you stratify the data, it looks like batters are more inclined to be down with the bat flip, because duh.


- David Wright says he doesn't think it's meant to show up the pitcher and can't fault anyone for letting their emotions show.

- Eric Hosmer says he's new school baseball, and that means he's pro-bat flip by default.

- Wilmer Flores says he'd only bat flip if he hit a MONSTER walk-off home run.

- Pitcher Noah Syndergaard says he ain't 'bout that.

- Jacob deGrom agrees with Noah Syndergaard.

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