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Mets fans give Yoenis Cespedes a thunderous ovation on season's final day

It's been said that the New York fans are a hard lot to win over. It's expected that they'll do everything they can to tear you apart -- kind of like zombies or children after a birthday party -- and bring you down if you don't live up to expectations. But should you earn their respect, you'll be gifted with the richest of rewards: Their undying love.

Yoenis Cespedes has done it with the fans in Flushing in less than half a season. Pulled from the game during the Mets' final regular season matchup in the seventh inning on Sunday afternoon, Yo walked off the field and received a thunderous standing ovation. Or, as it probably should be called, a Yo-vation. (I'm so sorry.) 


It was certainly deserved. While he only played in 57 games for the Mets, Cespedes hit .287/.337/.604 with 17 HRs and 44 RBIs, teaming up with a brilliantly yellow parakeet along the way. And while it may be overstated, he certainly seemed to energize the Mets offense. 

Before Cespedes joined the club, the Mets were 53-50, two games back of the Nats in the East and averaging only 3.54 runs per game. 

Afterward, the team was 37-22, picking up nine games over the Nats to win the division, while averaging 5.39 runs per game. 

And while it's surely not all thanks to Cespedes, it's hard not to give him most of the credit when watching him make opposing baserunners question if they ever wanted to run at all from the outfield and forcing pitchers to wonder if they should have gotten that teaching certificate after all.