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Each of the Mets' franchise-record eight home runs against the Phillies, ranked

Each of the Mets' eight HRs from Monday, ranked

The Mets hit a lot of home runs during their 16-7 victory over the Phillies on Monday night. A lot, as in they broke a franchise record by mashing eight dingers over the Citizens Bank Park fences.

And nearly everyone got in on the action. Seven of the nine batters in the Mets lineup homered: David Wright hit one in his first at-bat back from the DL, Wilmer Flores hit two -- including a three-run go-ahead long ball in the fifth inning -- and Juan Lagares, Travis d'Arnaud, Michael Cuddyer, Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes all launched one of their own.

But which home run was the homer-est? The dinger-est? The "OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY HIT ANOTHER"-est? Well, with so many home runs, we decided to rank all of them for you:

8. Juan Lagares' solo home run, third inning

This isn't so much last place as it is eighth-best.

7. Michael Cuddyer's solo home run, fifth inning

Heading into the fifth inning, Cuddyer had already knocked two doubles. With two outs, he decided to add them up and make a full trip around the bases.

6. Wilmer Flores' two-run home run, fourth inning

Flores just happened to knock this one right to the cluster of Mets fans in the stands behind left field. What a generous guy. 

5. Travis d'Arnaud's solo home run, fourth inning

After watching Flores hit one in the at-bat immediately before his, d'Arnaud decided to send a baseball to check out the dining options on the CBP concourse -- it was the game's longest at 464 feet.

4. Daniel Murphy's two-run home run, sixth inning

Franchise record = Tied. Bat = Jettisoned.


3. Yoenis Cespedes' two-run home run, ninth inning

There are home runs, and then there are home runs from dinger-mashing Trade Deadline acquisitions that break franchise records.

2. David Wright's solo home run, first inning

Looking back, we probably should've known something was brewing when Wright demolished just the third pitch he saw in more than five months. On any other night, this would've been the home run of the game.


1. Wilmer Flores' three-run home run, fifth inning

Yes, Wright's home run was excellent. But the go-ahead homer kind of has to be first, doesn't it? Especially when it's Flores. 

Of course Wilmer hit the go-ahead home run. Of course


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