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7 wonderful reasons that Mets fans should be thrilled their team re-signed Bartolo Colon

7 brilliant reasons the Mets re-signed Bartolo Colon

REJOICE! For Bartolo Colon has agreed to a one-year, $7.25 million contract to pitch for the Mets in 2016. Colon has gone 29-26 over the past two seasons for the Mets, maintained a 4.13 ERA and, as a batter, set a career high in hits with eight. EIGHT!

Colon has built a bit of a cult following among Mets fans (and with a more general audience on the Internet), so it's safe to say that many of you are already aware of what he'll bring to the table for the Mets next season. But just in case you need a refresher, here are seven obvious but wonderful reasons the Mets decided to bring back Bartolo.

His Speed


That play was officially ruled an error, but will forever be scored as an infield single in our hearts. Colon Baltimore chopped his way to first base with an assist from some serious wheels. The man has never stolen an MLB base, but with that kind of speed, the only thing that's stopping him are his own hangups (and maybe his base coaches).

His Grace


There's an argument to be made that the most exciting part of Bartolo's game comes when he steps into the batter's box to face his opposite number. In the above GIF, Tolo attempted to square off against the best pitcher on the planet, Clayton Kershaw, and lost his helmet in the process. The man has more grace than a swan.

His Power


It's one thing to set a goal for yourself -- a career high in hits -- and achieve that goal before the All-Star break. It's a totally different thing to do it while lining two-baggers into the gap. The above GIF demonstrates exactly how effective Colon can be at the dish. On May 31, he slapped an RBI-double into the gap that had so much on it that even Ichiro couldn't catch up to it.

His Clutch-ness


Some pundits suggest that clutch is a figment of your imagination. If clutch does exist, we'd like to posit that the physical manifestation of that intangible skill would be striking out the NL Rookie of the Year en route to earning your first postseason win in 17 years. The win helped the Mets secure a spot in the World Series, a first for the 42-year-old veteran hurler.

His Disposition


Show us someone who's happier to be playing baseball for a living and we'll show you a liar. That is the face of a man who is ecstatic to show up to the office every day. We could all stand to have a little more Bartolo in our lives.

His Fielding


You can teach a pitcher to cover first base. You can teach a pitcher his responsibility in the event of a bunt. You can even teach a pitcher the proper mechanics for fielding a ground ball. You cannot, however, teach a pitcher how to casually flip a ball behind his back while trotting toward the dugout to get an out at first and teach millions of fans that magic exists in the world. That's what you're getting with Colon. You can't put a price on that kind of positive influence.

His Fame

You know how we know that Colon is a household name? His massive head took over ESPN's College GameDay a few weeks ago because he's got GQ looks to go with that 3.97 lifetime ERA.

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