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Rickie Fowler and 'The Most Interesting Man in the World': The Mets recall best Halloween costumes

Mets reveal their best Halloween costumes

Travis d'Arnaud doesn't always dress up for Halloween, but when he does, he dresses up as "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

Cut4 caught up with a bunch of Mets players at World Series Media Day and -- with Halloween just around the corner -- asked the guys to tell us about the best costume they've ever worn for the holiday.

- Golf fanatic Tyler Clippard once dressed up as Rickie Fowler.

- Rookie outfielder Michael Conforto said he and his buddies went as penguins when they were in college.

- Michael Cuddyer is a party-pooper who doesn't dress up for Halloween.

We're guessing that the Noah Syndergaard /Jacob deGrom tandem costume is going to be a big hit in the Mets clubhouse this year.

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