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The Mets and Royals have very different criteria when it comes to 'Best World Series Hair'

Video: Mets, Royals discuss best World Series hair

The word "best" can be hard to qualify. Sure, you know it means the greatest and most wonderful, but how do you determine what that is? It's not like there's a scientific scale that measures awesomeness. So when we asked the Royals and the Mets who had the best hair in the World Series, it's not surprising that they had different ideas of what that meant. What is surprising is that they don't always conform to team lines.

David Wright acknowledges there's just a lot of hair on his team, and even confirmed he still has a lock of Jacob deGrom's. But he also thinks long hair "looks bad." Shocking, right?


At the other end of the spectrum, Eric Hosmer and Jeremy Guthrie think that length and volume are most important, and believe the Mets are conquering the market in that respect. (Apparently, they haven't heard about deGrom's offseason plans.) However, their teammate Jarrod Dyson thinks hairstyle diversity is the way to go:


But how can we know which approach is really the best? Can haircuts fight each other? What would that even look like? Sadly, we'll probably never know, but at least we have the World Series as a proxy battle. That's the whole point of the Fall Classic, right? To help you decide what to ask your barber for in November? 

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