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Mets run through clubhouse singing Backstreet Boys, band Mets-ifies one of their songs

After Mets sang Backstreet Boys, band responded

Juan Uribe is a force of pure good. From his jazz hands to his outfits to his off-kilter strumming, he's a player determined to be known as a threat in all fields and art forms. 

On Wednesday, Uribe took on vocals. With the Mets going through the Backstreet Boys' impressive catalogue of late-90s bubblegum pop, the third baseman was caught belting out "I Want it That Way." 

Even better, the Backstreet Boys themselves replied, setting straight that the song was always about Juan Uribe and we were just hearing them wrong the whole time: 

Could it be that all Backstreet Boys songs were actually about baseball? We decided to investigate. Turns out, that yes, they were. 

For instance, did you know that the hit "Everybody" is actually about journeyman swingman Buddy Carlyle? It's true. Just check out the lyrics: 

Every Buddy Carlyle, yeah
Rock your body, yeah
Every Buddy Carlyle, yeah
Rock your body right
Buddy's back (in the big leagues), alright!

And that "Quit Playing Games (With my Heart)" is actually about the time Art Howe was managing the Mets. Why we assumed they were singing "Heart" instead of "Art," I'll never know. 

And did you realize that A.J. McLean's facial hair was actually modelled after Dustin Hermanson? This conspiracy goes all the way to the top.  


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