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Did Michael Brantley clone himself so he could play NCAA basketball?

Brantley has look-alike in MSU player Travis Trice

Look at Michael Brantley:


Now look at Michigan State guard Travis Trice:

You can't deny there's a certain resemblance. But since Brantley was born in 1987 and Trice was born in 1993, I'm not suggesting they're identical twins with amazing athletic abilities who regularly switch places to confound and delight spectators.

However, I have seen "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Black Mirror," so I am suggesting that maybe Brantley grew Trice in a bathtub so that he could see how well his genes could handle a college basketball career.

MSU alum and reporter Jordan Bastian sees the resemblance too:

"Little brother," huh? Sure, Michael. Sure. 

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