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The Haunting of Michael Conforto: The outfielder hit two ghostly Halloween homers

Michael Conforto hit two ghost-aided WS homers

Strange things are bound to happen on Halloween. After all, it's the day when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Which means some strange things are bound to happen.

Like a right fielder forgetting there are only two outs, perhaps living out some past-life memory when there were three outs.

Or the fact that Bartolo Colon came out of the bullpen ... to throw sliders.  

And then there's Michael Conforto. After a strong regular season, hitting nine home runs with an .841 OPS in 56 games, the rookie left fielder has struggled this postseason (or should we say ghostseason?). Entering Saturday's World Series Game 4, Conforto was hitting just .091/.154/.227. 

But then Halloween came. And as the two worlds closed in on each other, Conforto apparently had something from the other side watching over him. You know, kind of like an undead version of "Angels in the Outfield." 

In the bottom of the third inning, Conforto swung hard on Chris Young's 87-mph offering and watched it carry high over the wall. Kind of like it didn't belong to the physics of this world -- like a ghost. 


In the fifth inning, Conforto did it again. Only this time, the ball didn't seem destined for that land beyond the field. Instead, it hung in the air, like a mysterious mist or portent of ill things. And it carried, slowly carried, out over the outfield before disappearing over the fence. Just like that old woman in colonial clothing you once saw float down your hallway and through your bathroom door before disappearing. 


While we can't say for certain that paranormal forces were at work, is there really a scientific explanation for what happened? Sure, Statcast™ can say that Conforto's home runs were 395 and 390 feet, respectively, but for the rest, we may have to rely on the paraspychologists at the Rhine Research Center

Not only that, but Conforto's two Game 4 home runs came after Gary Carter hit two home runs for the 1986 Mets. I dunno, strange things are happening. 

(h/t @Clarissa_y for the cleverest of ghostseason puns)

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