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Tommy La Stella's foul ball took a Rube Goldberg ricochet and nailed Miguel Montero

Rube Goldberg machines are fascinating devices: Insane creations where levers, pulleys, marbles and, for some reason, dominos, are all used to prove that hours of careful preparation can be destroyed in mere seconds. 

The Cubs and Mets teamed up to build one during Wednesday's Game 4 in Wrigley Field -- even if not everyone was in on it. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Tommy La Stella lined Addison Reed's fastball back into Travis d'Arnaud's mask. 

But the ball didn't stop there. It then ricocheted directly into Miguel Montero's helmet while he was warming up in the on-deck circle. That's not how reality works. That's how "Home Alone" works. 


Fortunately, Montero was just fine, giving the crowd a broad grin to prove that, yes, human beings are simply the dominos in the universe's contraption.