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Miguel Sano launches two-run moonshot into the second deck to help this homer reach its potential

Since his first on July 7, Miguel Sano and home runs have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. He's able to hit a lot of them and, in turn, he helps homers be the very best homers they can be.

For example, when Sano whammed a two-run home run into the second deck at Target Field to tie the game against the Angels, 3-3, it's as if the very notion of what a home run could be was dismantled and reformed around this -- this is what a home run reaching its true potential looks like.


That is a home run that has started eating well-balanced meals, going to bed early and at least making an appearance at the gym on weekdays. According to Statcast, it is a homer that traveled an estimated 453 feet with an exit speed of 112 mph. It's a homer that all the other homers are jealous of.

Unfortunately for Sano and the Twins, MLB hasn't started awarding bonus points for upper-deck shots and high exit velocities, so the homer only counted for two runs and couldn't stop the Angels from winning, 4-3, in 12 innings.