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Mike Fiers celebrates his no-hitter like it's graduation day, tosses his glove after final strike

Fiers celebrates no-hitter like it's graduation day

You could be mistaken for thinking that Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)" was blaring over the loudspeakers at Minute Maid park on Friday night. For on Mike Fiers' 134th pitch, a 90-mph fastball that Justin Turner could only flail at, Fiers completed his first career complete game, shutout and, most importantly, no-hitter.

Not that there was any chance of taking him out of the game, no matter how many pitches he threw:  

Once over, it meant it was time for the glove to come flying off like it was mortarboard. 


Unlike graduation, and more like how I am with my pants as soon as I get home from literally any public activity, Fiers then stripped off his shirt. I guess you could say ... Fier was too hot. (I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.) 


And then, because everyone knows you need 1) to stay dry under humid summer conditions and 2) who doesn't love lemonade during the hottest months, Fiers was given a baby powder and lemonade bath. 


While refreshing, be careful with that one. I hear that's how you get ants

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