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Mike Pelfrey's beekeeper hat is the future in Dugout Interview Prank prevention

Pelfrey sports beekeeper hat against interview prank

For too long, innocent players -- their only crime agreeing to a midgame interview -- have been forced to don the dugout headset in fear, trembling at the onslaught of sunflower seeds and, uh, other things that's sure to follow. Who among us will rise to this challenge and break the shackles of tyranny? Who among us will stand up and say "no more"? Who among us will point out that someone has to clean up that mess?

Mike Pelfrey, that's who. Well, Mike Pelfrey and some beekeepers, to be precise:

Pelfrey hat

No, Pelfrey didn't just happen upon a beekeeper's hat conveniently left on the floor. When the seeds started inevitably flying during his interview in Friday's Cubs-Twins game, he calmly asked for a second, and then whipped that thing out of his pocket

But this is only the beginning. Dugouts far and wide, hearing the news of this great rebellion, have sent word for help: 

Obi wan

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