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Mike Trout's 489-foot home run is the longest this year (or last)

Mike Trout's 489 foot home was the longest this year

Mike Trout does everything on the baseball field well. His power tool is no exception -- he entered Friday with a career slugging percentage of .555. But while we know he hits home runs, does that necessarily mean he can also hit those kind of jaw-dropping, extreme-length, make-you-doubt-everything-you-know-about-physical-laws homers?

Let me reiterate: There is nothing baseball-related Mike Trout can't do:


That blast into Kauffman Stadium's fountains (aka "Bo Jackson territory") was estimated at 489 feet, which makes it the longest home run in 2014. In fact, it's longer than any long ball hit in 2013, too. You have to go back to August 2012 to find a longer one -- this 494-foot shot by Giancarlo Stanton:

And even that was aided by the thin air at Coors Field. To sum up: Mike Trout is amazing.

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