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Angels fan brings 'Trout net' to game, Mike Trout hits grand slam right into it

Photo and additional reporting via Grayson Alexander / Real-Time Correspondent

Fishing is a pretty hit-or-miss activity -- sometimes you come home with a big catch, other times you can't even get your net in the water:

And during Sunday's Rangers-Angels game, there was a fisherman looking to catch some Trout at Angel Stadium. Unfortunately, he was fishing in the wrong spot in the first inning, and his choice fish nearly exited the contest in the fourth. But the persevering angler stayed the course -- for he knew that Trout are known for their fighting nature, for their strength, for their determination -- and in the sixth inning, the man finally caught a Trout ... of the grand slam variety. 

Here's the man, Jonathan Plaza, with the catch of the day:


"I just had a hunch that it was going to be a special moment, so I took out the net once Trout walked up to the plate," Plaza said. "This is in the top two moments of my life after my baby was born."