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Mike Trout met the creators of the baseball-collecting net named in his honor

Photos via Grayson Alexander / Real-Time Correspondent.

Remember when millions of people saw Mike Trout hit a grand slam into a fan's homemade net? Mike Trout remembers.

Thursday was yet another monumental day for the makers of the Trout Net -- Jonathon Plaza and his son AJ. Trout reached out to the superfan on Twitter and invited him down to the field before series finale against the White Sox. Naturally, the Plazas accepted.

"Trout is a big fan of what we are doing online," Plaza explained. The now-retired Marine gained national attention when he caught Trout's grand slam ball back on July 26. He and AJ give away baseballs they catch in batting practice on various social media outlets (they're frequently at the stadium).

As batting practice was winding down, the reigning American League MVP approached the father and son duo on the field. He gave AJ a high-five and apologized for not getting to them sooner. Plaza brought the ball that had gained him such notoriety.


"I offered it to him the day I caught it," Plaza recalled. Trout shook his head and told him to hold onto it. Well, the ball became even more valuable and sentimental that day as Trout left his iconic signature upon the keepsake.

"It's been a lot of fun out there," Trout told the two. "I'm glad I could help out there," he said, motioning toward the net. Trout wasn't done yet, though. He disappeared into the dugout and came back with two brand new baseball bats which he signed for the stunned pair. It read, "Alexander, Live life to the fullest! Mike Trout #27 2014 AL MVP."


What's next for the maker of the Trout Net? "I want to catch a ball in October," Plaza confided. "A walk-off wouldn't be too bad either."

For more on the Trout Net -- including how it started a friendly competition among the Angels -- check out an interview with Plaza and Kole Calhoun on the Chatting Cage: