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If you're an Orioles fan with a flat tire, just call rookie pitcher Mike Wright

If you're having car trouble, there are a number of MLB players you could call. C.J. Wilson has a car dealership and a racing team, Madison Bumgarner once fixed a tractor just by throwing a baseball at it and Allen Craig's nickname is "The Wrench," which is an excellent play on his name and might also come in handy. But, if you find yourself on the side of the road somewhere near Baltimore, you should call rookie pitcher Mike Wright.  

Following the Orioles' 8-2 win over the Royals on Sunday, Wright came upon an O's fan having a spot of car trouble just outside Camden Yards. So, according to the Baltimore Sun, he decided to stop and help the fan change his flat tire in "about 20 minutes" -- which sounds like a pretty effective tire change. And, instead of the fan paying Wright for his services, Wright gifted the guy a pair of Orioles tickets.

"'He was obviously having a bad day, so after I helped him fix it, I told him he could come to a game whenever he wanted. So he's coming to the game tomorrow,' Wright said. 'I left him tickets, so hopefully him and his girlfriend can enjoy the game.'"

Looks like it's time to add Wright's name to the list of "MLB Players Likely to Moonlight as a Car Mechanic."

h/t Hardball Talk