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This tiny Dodgers fan dancing in a Puig jersey and fedora is the absolute coolest

Mini Dodgers fan dances in Puig jersey and fedora

The Dodgers-D-backs game was a close one in the seventh inning on Wednesday night. L.A. was up just two runs with Arizona coming up to the plate. Most fans were probably at the edge of their seats -- biting their nails, nervously scouring the field, easing the stress by devouring one massive Dodger dog after another ...

But one lil' dude remained incredibly cool during the top of the seventh. He tightened his fedora, unbottoned his Puig jersey and said with his dance moves "hey, everybody needs to just chill out, OK?"

As Vin Scully notes: "Every move, sheer poetry."

The Dodgers won, 7-6, and just as mini Puig probably planned, big Puig scored the winning run.

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