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Minnesota basketball coach Richard Pitino tosses Twins' first pitch

"Let the catcher do the work" was Richard Pitino's philosophy for throwing out his first ceremonial first pitch, and he executed it flawlessly.

Pitino, who was named the head men's basketball coach at the University of Minnesota in April, threw a high-arcing pitch that forced Twins outfielder Chris Parmelee out of his crouching position.

"Everyone told me, 'Don't bounce it,' so I let the catcher do the work. That was the key," Pitino said. "Get the ball in the air and let the catcher do the work."

Pitino says he's already a Minnesota Twins fan, but as a self-proclaimed New York Yankees fan whose dog is named "Bernie Williams," we'll see who he roots for when those two teams meet. 

-- Michael Nelson / Real-Time Correspondent