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Minor league hot dog vendor is an officer in the 'Gomes Army'

Del Christman is a proud member of Red Sox Nation, but that's not his only organizational affiliation. On his head, he wears his "Gomes Army" helmet to show his support for one of his favorite new players -- outfielder Jonny Gomes.

The lifelong Red Sox supporter and #FANtasking superhero visited Spring Training this year and had the opportunity to meet Gomes. The two got along famously, talking about tattoos and immediately forming a bond. He saw Gomes wearing a military helmet and decided to come up with the Army. 

When he isn't at Fenway, Christman is a hot dog vendor for the Lowell Spinners -- a Class-A affiliate for the Red Sox. He currently holds the franchise record for most hot dogs sold in a single game: 488.

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