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Joe Mikulik is back: MiLB manager takes off shoes and punts them during ejection meltdown

Minor League managers are rarely elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, though voters will hopefully make an exception in this case. Just as Babe Ruth forever changed the American populace's feelings toward the home run and Yasiel Puig revolutionized the bat flip, so too has Joe Mikulik forever changed the managerial ejection. 

He has redrawn baseball foul lines, proving that he is both an architect and someone with impeccable feng shui flow

He has given a seminar on the finer points of sliding:

And has taught a lesson on water conservation during routine home-plate cleanings


He's essentially the James Franco of managers -- there's simply no boxing him in. On Tuesday night, Mikulik put on his latest one-man show during a shoe-throwing, shoe-punting tirade.

Just watch how he coffin-corners this bad boy after the umpires apparently missed the catcher dropping the ball on a play at the plate in the top of the fifth inning. 


If that's not enough for at least an NFL tryout, nothing is.

(h/t Eye on Baseball