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Minor League team invites fans to bring their cats to the ballpark

The Wilmington Blue Rocks hosted their first-ever Purr in the Park Night on Tuesday. Fans were invited to bring their cats along to Frawley Stadium to watch the team face the Carolina Mudcats.

Speaking as someone who loves cats, I'm thrilled by this idea. Speaking as someone who understands cats, I fully expected it to be a disaster. Bark in the Park may already be a beloved ballpark feature, but dogs have a temperament that's much better suited for a highly stimulating environment.

Take, for instance, this video of a husky who recently got loose on the field at a college baseball game. He couldn't have been happier -- galloping from player to player with the goofiest canine grin imaginable.

... now compare that with this footage of a cat at a Mets-Marlins game in 2011. As soon as his paws touch dirt, he NOPES right back into the stands.

Fortunately, the pets-tivities (I'm so sorry) were a great success.

Don't worry: for their own safety, the Blue Rocks' feline fans were required to watch the game from within the confines of a pet carrier. Though I agree that the cats' well-being should be the utmost priority, part of me would have liked to throw caution to the wind and issue each player his own tiny kitten in a mitt (mitten? kitt?):


-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(Image via Favim)