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Two Triple-A teams are honoring the Miracle on Ice with some fantastic USA hockey uniforms

Triple-A teams honor Miracle on Ice with USA jerseys

If there are two things the Minor Leagues champion above all else (you know, besides managerial ejections that are pushing the outer bounds of performance art), it's weird anniversaries and America. And yet, somehow, one promotion has eluded its grasp, like a flickering green light of hope and ambition across the bay of novelty food items: a tribute to the Miracle on Ice.

Really, it checks every box -- period costumes, patriotism, some good old '80s nostalgia. It's the perfect storm, and finally, it's here. That's right, the Rochester Red Wings and Syracuse Chiefs of the Triple-A International League give you Miracle on Ice Night. And yes, of course there are hockey sweater uniforms:

OK, we're off to a fantastic promotional start with these beauties. But is there anything else to set the mood? Something to transport you back to that magical time and place? Bah gawd, is that Kurt Russell's music?!

Not to be outdone, even the grounds crew got into the act -- though, presumably, not with an actual zamboni:

Rochester's Twitter account, meanwhile, was keeping their fans informed:

But fear not, our fellow Americans. We know how this movie ends: 

In the spirit of reliving the Miracle, we have no choice but to leave you with this: