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Royals farmhand loses bet, gets truly stunning and bizarre haircut

Royals farmhand loses bet, gets bizarre haircut

Brett Eibner plays in the Royals organization, but before that, he attended the University of Arkansas. His friend and fellow Royals Minor Leaguer Buddy Baumann went to Missouri State, so when their schools faced each other in the Fayetteville Super Regional on Sunday, they had to bet on it.

Since the game determined which school made it to the College World Series, they had to take it very seriously. Like contract-signed-in-blood seriously. Well, maybe gel pen. Close enough, really:

As you can see in the very official looking legal document above, there would be serious hair-related consequences for the loser of this contest. So it was tough luck for Baumann when Arkansas beat MSU, 3-2:

Don't worry, Buddy! It looks like you have an old-timey mustache now, and everyone knows mustaches are in. What difference does it make that the 'stache is on the top of your head? Smile!

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