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MLB Draft prospect ties Mike Trout's New Jersey high school home run record

MLB Draft prospect ties Mike Trout's NJ homer record

Mike Trout is a very good baseball player.


Like, really,

Trout 489

really good:

Robbed homer

Imagine if you could be like Mike Trout? Imagine being mentioned in the same sentence as him? Well, Ashton Bardzell, a senior at New Jersey's Ramsey High, tied the former NJ high school standout's home run record on Tuesday. Yep, 18 long balls in one season. Check out the clip above. 

Bardzell, who's a potential pick in MLB's First-Year Player Draft next month, was pretty excited about the milestone:

"He's the man. He's the best player in the league right now," Bardzell said. "So I mean, It's an honor."

He's also got another game this Friday to try to break the record. And then, who knows what's next?

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