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Become a trivia champion and take the LCS and World Series MLB News Quiz

The only way to become a champion is to overcome the competition and prove yourself the best. The Royals became 2015 World Series champions by toppling the Blue Jays in the ALCS and then edging the Mets in the Fall Classic. You can become a champion by proving you know everything about the last two rounds of the postseason.

And oh, what an end to the postseason it was. The Blue Jays, Royals, Cubs and Mets went at it -- all craving the end to a long championship drought. Home runs were homered, comebacks were mounted, friendly wagers were waged. Ned Yost barely got any sleep the whole time, Steven Matz stayed at his parents' house, and Back to the Future proved not so accurate after all.

Prove yourself MLB trivia champion by taking the final news quiz of the 2015 MLB season. We just hope you were paying attention to the LCS and World Series: