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MLB players break down this year's March Madness bracket

It's mid-March, which means even the most casual of sports fans will be turning their attention to the NCAA basketball tournament and its 68-team, productivity-destroying madness. And, of course, the upsets -- I love upsets, you love upsets, Dave at work loves upsets. MLB players love upsets. Everyone loves upsets. It's March Madness, after all. So now that who's in and who's out has been unveiled (congratulations, Chase Utley, Huston Street, Lance Lynn and Jeremy Guthrie!), let MLB players break down this year's bracket for you:

It starts with a simple question:

Actually, a few simple questions:

There are hearty congratulations for the teams that made it in:

Brad Ziegler revealed his inner bracketologist:

Robbie Ross made a safe pick along with a rather bold prediction (Belmont is a 15 seed this year, which has never made it to the finals):

Bryce Harper is already picking his champ:

Yasiel Puig, too:

As it does every year, hope springs eternal: