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MLB stars (their cut-out heads, anyway) go Gangnam Style in surreal postseason video

When I, your official Cut4 "Gangnam Style" correspondent, last brought you MLB-related news pertaining to the Korean viral phenomenon that's in the process of devouring the globe, it was PSY himself conquering Dodger Stadium.

But that was a simpler time. Try to remember, if you can, the world of seven days ago. When "Gangnam Style" had a paltry 48 million views on YouTube (it's at 71 million as of Wednesday), and there was video evidence of its spread to only one MLB stadium. If this video is any indication, "Gangnam Style" is poised to start radiating throughout the big leagues in a major way.

It's the work of former MLB Fan Cave resident Gordon Mack and seems to promise a postseason as epic and exciting as "Gangnam Style" itself. What's next for MLB and "Gangnam Style"? It being mandated as every hitter's walkup song? PSY being inserted into a game as a pinch-runner/phantom-horserider? An expansion team in Gangnam? Time will tell, but the song's power should not be underestimated.

Gangnam Style - PSY (2012 Postseason) from Gordon Mack on Vimeo.

h/t Big League Stew

-- Dan Wohl /