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2014 Cut4 GIBBY goes to this selfless Red Sox fan

To celebrate the year that was, handed out its 2014 Greatness in Baseball Yearly Awards on Saturday night. Among the more than two dozen awards given out, Mike Trout took home the Everyday Player of the Year Award, Corey Kluber was selected as the Breakout Pitcher of the Year and Clayton Kershaw was voted the Most Valuable Major Leaguer. 

But, perhaps most importantly, a Cut4 moment was recognized, as well. Fom a pool that included Hunter Pence signs, Sung Woo Lee helping lead the Royals to the World Series and 50 Cent first pitches, the winner was ...

(Drum roll, please.) 

Ryan, the 12-year-old Red Sox fan who selflessly gave away a foul ball to a young girl seated behind him. Not only was it a nice gesture, but it was one of those moments that can make even the most misanthropic cynics admit that, yes, sometimes human beings are capable of being kind and generous. 

Ryan ball

Said Ryan at the time: 

"I thought it's a nice thing. And it's good to…make people happy."  

Yeah, I'd say that's a fitting award winner. 

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