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Mo'ne Davis threw a World Series first pitch and OF COURSE it was a laser down the middle

Mo'ne Davis' World Series first pitch was a laser

If you know anything about Mo'ne Davis, you know that she doesn't shy away from the big stage. And in the world of baseball, there's no bigger stage than the World Series.

Ahead of Game 4 of the World Series at AT&T Park on Saturday, Major League Baseball honored Davis (and the Little League U.S. Champions from Chicago). Hank Aaron and Spike Lee were there, too, to watch as Mo'ne did what she does best ... put on a show out on the hill.


Of course her World Series first pitch was pure heat from the big league mound. After her performance, Davis was kind enough to speak with's Meggie Zahneis about the pros and cons of her newfound fame.

Then she enjoyed a sundae in the pressbox. 

Someone sign this girl to a contract, like, yesterday.