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Mother Nature decided it'd be fun to make Pittsburgh and Detroit play in the snow

Pittsburgh and Detroit played through some snow

Generally speaking, baseball season means that spring is back. It's a time of green grass, blue skies, and for those of us in the Northeast, finally being able to see your fire hydrants again. Unless, of course, you happened to be in Detroit on Wednesday night, in which case we would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the cruel prank the universe played on you:

Detroit snow

Not to be outdone, however, Pittsburgh busted out that most dreaded of euphemisms -- the "wintry mix", which we believe roughly translates to "ugh":

Pittsburgh snow

A round of applause for every player, umpire and coach who didn't immediately sigh, give a shrug and just start walking off the field. Do not adjust your calendars, guys -- we promise that it is actually April 22, despite the fact that the baseball field you thought you were looking at is actually a frozen tundra:

Detroit snow pic

Pittsburgh snow pic

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