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Move over rally squirrel, Torty Craig is back!

He's been dormant since Dec. 8, but Allen Craig's pet tortoise is back on Twitter.

Using the handle @TortyCraig, the other animal sensation during the Cardinals' march to their 11th world championship in 2011 is back on the Internet. The player's tortoise, a family treasure for several years, actually lives with Craig's parents in California during the season.

So, after maintaining a low profile for nearly 10 months, TortyCraig emerged from hibernation on Sunday. Torty has issued a series of hilarious -- yet fictitious -- tweets from the Cardinals clubhouse.

As for the person behind the Twitter account, Craig steadfastly denies that he or his pet are behind the messages. But, earlier this year, Craig told Cardinals Magazine: "I have my suspicions (on a culprit), but I don't know for sure."

Stay tuned. 

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