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Mr. Met finally makes it big, gets featured in The New York Times crossword puzzle

Image via Mr. Met on Twitter.

There is a notion that one has never truly made it in life until featured as a clue in a New York Times crossword puzzle. For the 53-year-old Mr. Met, that time has finally come:

The puzzle in Wednesday's paper featured clue No. 49 down: "Rival mascot of the Phillie Phanatic." 

And just to make sure the answer isn't some other mascot with a five-letter name that begins with "M," we solved his section (warning: spoilers):


We're pretty sure it's "amscray." And it's definitely Mr. Met.

Now, when the Phanatic tells Mr. Met that he smells terrible, Mr. Met can reply in a haute tone, "Perhaps. But I was featured in The New York Times."

Mr. Met isn't the first MLB mascot to make it in, of course: