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A 'Back' to the 'Future' doubleheader: This week in Minor League Baseball promotions

MiLB team hosts 'Back' to the 'Future' doubleheader

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and most importantly, Minor League promotions.'s Ben Hill has the inside scoop on the last of those certainties, and he'll be sharing a taste with us and you each and every week. Check out a unique upcoming promo below and read his full recap of the week's best promotions right here. You can follow Ben on Twitter @Bensbiz.

Back to the Future promotions have saturated the Minor League landscape this season, with teams nationwide paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of this time-traveling classic. On Saturday, the Toledo Mud Hens are putting a unique spin on this now-standard promo, via a doubleheader that features a "Back" game followed by a "Future" game.

"We knew Back to the Future was going to be one of those theme jerseys you see all over Minor League Baseball," said Mud Hens director of events and entertainment Michael Keedy. "So we took a scheduled doubleheader, and instead of making it all about the movie, we used the theme of the movie to create our own event. We're going back in time during the first game, and for the second game we're going into the future."

This temporally fluid approach necessitates that the players wear two theme jerseys during the course of the evening -- throwback 1980s-themed jerseys during the opening "Back" game, and forward-looking duds for the "Future" nightcap. These latter jerseys feature bold yellow feathers on the sleeves, with a similar feather connecting the "H" in "Mud Hens."

"We didn't want something glittery, shiny or otherworldly," said Keedy of the "Future" jerseys. "It's just our interpretation of what the Mud Hens jersey will look like in 20 or 30 years."

Similarly creative interpretations will be in abundance throughout the second game, which will also feature "reinvented" videoboard graphics and futuristic electronic music over the PA. This will be in stark contrast to the first game, during which the Mud Hens will employ amber-colored, heavily-pixelated '80s-style videoboard graphics while taking a reduced, no-frills, approach to the between-inning game entertainment.

And, of course, the Mud Hens will still pay tribute to the movie that inspired this promotion in the first place.

"We have some Back to the Future elements in mind," said Keedy. "We'll play some clips of the movie, but none during the first game."

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