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Nancy Pelosi, pandas and more sights and sounds from Giants-Nationals NLDS Game 1

The Giants and Nationals battled it out on the field in Game 1 of the NLDS on Friday. San Francisco won 3-2, and if you want to know exactly how, check it all out here. But if you'd like to just see grown men dressed up as pandas, please stay with us.

Nats fans carried around rally pigeons, an animal that has made frequent, albeit unwarranted, appearances at baseball games this season.


Their Mattitude was also in full force. Wait, is that right?


Some were preparing for an upcoming holiday.


Adorable kids with adorable signs were also around pregame.

Even noted Giants fan Nancy Pelosi made the trip to Nationals Park:

And, you know what? Let's run that back. Here are grown men dressed as pandas in honor of Pablo Sandoval.

PandasPhotos and video: Brett Anker, Correspondent