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The numbers are in: Bryce Harper performs better with high socks

Bryce Harper performs better with high socks

Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you play well -- if you're a professional athlete, that is. And, because everyone knows that high socks (or, if we wanted to get the syntax right, high cuffs) are the platonic ideal of a baseball player's fashion statement, it only makes sense that a ballplayer would do his best with them pulled nice and high. 

Today, we have some proof of that. Kenny Ducey of Hashtag Important, who has already studied how Mike Trout's performance correlated with airplane emojis in his tweets, looked at Bryce Harper's season and discovered that he performs much better with his socks pulled high. 


Though we haven't verified Ducey's data, Harper is hitting .384 with 11 home runs in 24 games with the socks proudly displayed, with an OPS over .200 points higher than when his cuffs are pulled down. 

Not only that, but he has also broken down Harper's performance with stirrup socks. Though having only been worn for 10 games this year, he still has a .343 average and a better OPS than with the cuffs pulled down by his shoes. The only reason I'm guessing that the numbers aren't even better for stirrups -- the kind of look that would take Milan by storm if he was sent down the runway in them -- is the small sample size. We all know that this look alone is worth roughly 50 home runs across a full season. 


Just one warning: They must be real stirrups as opposed to the painted-on ones worn by Jake Arrieta on Thursday night. While those were a mistake -- real stirrups were left at home -- just remember that, like elastic waist jeans or those faux neck-only turtlenecks, there's no substitute for high (sock) fashion. 


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